Our Boutique

In February 2023, we unveiled our Janus Edinburgh flagship store in the charming neighborhood of Bruntsfield. Here, you'll discover our complete Janus Edinburgh collection alongside carefully curated pieces from independent jewellery designers, available exclusively in our store. Additionally, we offer a stunning array of fashion accessories, from luxurious silk scarves, handbags, socks to exquisite velvet jewellery storage boxes.

Our Commitment to Community and Environment

At Janus Edinburgh, we deeply appreciate the significance of our local community and are committed to its well-being. Our flagship boutique is nestled in one of Edinburgh's most beloved residential neighbourhoods, Bruntsfield, renowned for its strong sense of community pride. Being an integral part of this thriving locale, we've received immense support from day one, and it's only natural for us to reciprocate that support. Hence, we're delighted to introduce the following complimentary services for both our community and the wider public:

In-store Services

  1. Complimentary Ultrasonic Jewellery Cleaning: Revel in the brilliance of your jewellery as we employ modern ultrasonic cleaning technology to restore its exquisite shine.

  2. Free Gift Wrapping Service: Enhance your gift-giving experience with our expert gift-wrapping service, ensuring your presents are elegantly presented.

  3. Free Jewellery Repair and Customization Consultations: Trust our knowledgeable team to provide guidance on jewellery repair and customization, ensuring your precious pieces remain in pristine condition.

  4. 2% of Our Profits Donated to WWF: In line with our commitment to environmental stewardship, we proudly allocate 2% of our profits to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), supporting their mission to enhance and safeguard our environment.

By offering these services and partnering with WWF, we aim to fortify our bonds with the community that has warmly embraced us and collectively work towards a better and greener future. We extend our heartfelt thanks for being an integral part of our journey.