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A female model wears a gold vermeil necklace with a dainty chain and toggle clasp. The model also wears a bracelet with a dainty chain and toggle clasp.

Inspired by Scottish Waterways

The Ripples Collection
A model wears a collection of jewellery from the Janus Edinburgh Dune collection.

Celebration of the wilder side of nature

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Tummel Necklace

The River Tummel, winding through Perth and Kinross, mirrors the necklace's design. Its squares twist and reflect light, offering a unique aesthetic beyond typical chains, resembling the river's journey through lochs and landscapes.

Tummel Bracelet

Flowing through Perth and Kinross, the stunning River Tummel, with its diverse vistas, inspires this bracelet. Its series of twisting, light-reflecting squares echo the river's charm. Pair it with the matching Tummel necklace for a complete, captivating ensemble.

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Tummel Hoop Earrings

Gracefully flowing through Perth and Kinross, the River Tummel's diverse beauty inspires these sterling silver hoop earrings. Composed of square nuggets that twist and catch the light, they echo the river's multifaceted charm. Pair them with the matching Tummel necklace and bracelet for a complete, exquisite set.


Roberto C.

Testimonial 1

A very pretty ring. The pic does it justice. Bought for 50th anniversary.

Sacha. S

Testimonial 2

Absolutely gorgeous; So simple but affective. They have a smooth finish and very comfortable for daily wear too,


Testimonial 3

My original plan hasn't pulled off but great that I've now found your jewellery! It's so beautiful and I got the Arbor earrings for her x