a female model close up photo of the neck wearing a sleek shimmering silver rope chain with a silver toggle


Not only are our necklaces aesthetically pleasing, they are also full of meaning and designed with longevity in mind. Perfect for accompanying you through all of life's ups and downs, our eclectic range aims to pair everyone with their perfect necklace. Find your match below.


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Heh NecklaceHeh Necklace
Heh Necklace Sale price$122.00
Heka NecklaceHeka Necklace
Heka Necklace Sale price$149.00
Irtyu Necklace
Irtyu Necklace Sale price$177.00
Atum NecklaceAtum Necklace
Atum Necklace Sale price$102.00
Iah NecklaceIah Necklace
Iah Necklace Sale price$102.00
Sha Sha NecklaceSha Sha Necklace
Sha Sha Necklace Sale priceFrom $90.00
Amun Horn NecklaceAmun Horn Necklace
Amun Horn Necklace Sale price$106.00
Usekh NecklaceUsekh Necklace
Usekh Necklace Sale price$142.00
Tummel NecklaceTummel Necklace
Tummel Necklace Sale price$130.00
Hathor NecklaceHathor Necklace
Hathor Necklace Sale price$75.00
Shekel NecklaceShekel Necklace
Shekel Necklace Sale price$79.00
Kneph NecklaceKneph Necklace
Kneph Necklace Sale price$100.00
Hennu NecklaceHennu Necklace
Hennu Necklace Sale price$108.00
Shen NecklaceShen Necklace
Shen Necklace Sale price$137.00
Khufu NecklaceKhufu Necklace
Khufu Necklace Sale price$83.00
Leb Necklacetiny_black_onyx_gold_vermeil_short_choker
Leb Necklace Sale price$112.00
Scarab NecklaceScarab Necklace
Scarab Necklace Sale price$88.00
Dee NecklaceDee Necklace
Dee Necklace Sale price$152.00
Susa NecklaceSusa Necklace
Susa Necklace Sale price$150.00
Achaemenid NecklaceAchaemenid Necklace
Achaemenid Necklace Sale price$126.00
Renenet NecklaceRenenet Necklace
Renenet Necklace Sale price$91.00
Save $50.00
Menat Necklace
Menat Necklace Sale price$65.00 Regular price$115.00
Sold out
Ba NecklaceBa Necklace
Ba Necklace Sale price$91.00
Seba NecklaceSeba Necklace
Seba Necklace Sale priceFrom $97.00