A pretty female model wearing a pair of gold twist rope huggie earrings with pearl drops.


As with all of our jewellery, our earrings are reminiscent of something symbolic, whether that be the Scottish landscape, or Edinburgh's hidden treasures. Shop our collection of unique and premium earrings below to pick up the perfect pair to add to your collection.


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Nefertem EarringsNefertem Earrings
Nefertem Earrings Sale price£75.00
Petra EarringsPetra Earrings
Petra Earrings Sale priceFrom £52.00
Sold out
Shu EarringsShu Earrings
Shu Earrings Sale price£63.00
Sekhem Drop EarringsSekhem Drop Earrings
Sekhem Drop Earrings Sale price£73.00
Nehebkau EarringsNehebkau Earrings
Nehebkau Earrings Sale price£89.00
Nefet Malachite Detachable EarringsNefet Malachite Detachable Earrings
Aat Hoop EarringsAat Hoop Earrings
Aat Hoop Earrings Sale price£90.00
Jemet EarringsJemet Earrings
Jemet Earrings Sale price£62.00
Hieroglyph EarringsHieroglyph Earrings
Hieroglyph Earrings Sale price£83.00
Nebu EarringsNebu Earrings
Nebu Earrings Sale price£62.00
Hennu EarringsHennu Earrings
Hennu Earrings Sale price£79.00
Nile Hoop EarringsNile Hoop Earrings
Nile Hoop Earrings Sale price£125.00
Shen EarringsShen Earrings
Shen Earrings Sale price£97.00
Thoth Hoop EarringsThoth Hoop Earrings
Thoth Hoop Earrings Sale price£57.00
Scarab EarringsScarab Earrings
Scarab Earrings Sale priceFrom £81.00
Amenta EarringsAmenta Earrings
Amenta Earrings Sale price£70.00
Ankh EarringsAnkh Earrings
Ankh Earrings Sale price£96.00
Uraeus EarringsUraeus Earrings
Uraeus Earrings Sale price£69.00
Ouroboros EarringsOuroboros Earrings
Ouroboros Earrings Sale price£91.00
Ka EarringsKa Earrings
Ka Earrings Sale price£88.00
Affric Stud EarringsAffric Stud Earrings
Affric Stud Earrings Sale priceFrom £45.00
A pair of sterling silver stud earrings with a bubble texture.A pair of gold vermeil stud earrings with a bubble texture.
Fairy Glen Earrings Sale priceFrom £33.00
On sale
A pair of gold vermeil earrings with a bubble texture design.A pair of sterling silver earrings with a bubble texture design.
Plodda Earrings Sale priceFrom £48.00 Regular price£68.00
A pair of gold plated twisting hoop earrings. The twisting hoop earrings have two white pearls delicately hanging from them. a female model with darker skin wearing a pair of rope huggie earrings with a detachable pearl
Cycles of Hope Earrings Sale price£58.00