The Khepri collection channels the powerful and symbolic motifs of the Ancient Egyptian deity Khepri. Khepri was known as the God of the rising and morning sun, and also associated with the renewal of life. In addition to celebrating the beauty and majesty of Ancient Egyptian culture, this collection aims to capture the warmth of the morning sun on your face, to radiate sunny positivity and imbue powerful concepts. With Khepri, it’s always the start of a new day, with endless possibilities ahead of you.


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Sekhem Quartz Necklace
Sekhem Quartz Necklace Sale price£80.00
Nefertem EarringsNefertem Earrings
Nefertem Earrings Sale price£75.00
Heh NecklaceHeh Necklace
Heh Necklace Sale price£94.00
Heka NecklaceHeka Necklace
Heka Necklace Sale price£115.00
Irtyu Necklace
Irtyu Necklace Sale price£137.00
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Shu EarringsShu Earrings
Shu Earrings Sale price£63.00
Sekhem Drop EarringsSekhem Drop Earrings
Sekhem Drop Earrings Sale price£73.00
Nehebkau EarringsNehebkau Earrings
Nehebkau Earrings Sale price£89.00
Atum NecklaceAtum Necklace
Atum Necklace Sale price£79.00
Iah NecklaceIah Necklace
Iah Necklace Sale price£79.00
Nefet Malachite Detachable EarringsNefet Malachite Detachable Earrings
Sha Sha NecklaceSha Sha Necklace
Sha Sha Necklace Sale priceFrom £69.00
Aat Hoop EarringsAat Hoop Earrings
Aat Hoop Earrings Sale price£90.00
Amun Horn NecklaceAmun Horn Necklace
Amun Horn Necklace Sale price£82.00
Usekh NecklaceUsekh Necklace
Usekh Necklace Sale price£110.00
Hathor NecklaceHathor Necklace
Hathor Necklace Sale price£58.00
Shekel NecklaceShekel Necklace
Shekel Necklace Sale price£61.00
Jemet EarringsJemet Earrings
Jemet Earrings Sale price£62.00
Kneph NecklaceKneph Necklace
Kneph Necklace Sale price£77.00
Hennu NecklaceHennu Necklace
Hennu Necklace Sale price£83.00
Shen NecklaceShen Necklace
Shen Necklace Sale price£106.00
Khufu NecklaceKhufu Necklace
Khufu Necklace Sale price£64.00
Leb Necklacetiny_black_onyx_gold_vermeil_short_choker
Leb Necklace Sale price£86.00
Scarab NecklaceScarab Necklace
Scarab Necklace Sale price£68.00