The Khepri collection channels the powerful and symbolic motifs of the Ancient Egyptian deity Khepri. Khepri was known as the God of the rising and morning sun, and also associated with the renewal of life. In addition to celebrating the beauty and majesty of Ancient Egyptian culture, this collection aims to capture the warmth of the morning sun on your face, to radiate sunny positivity and imbue powerful concepts. With Khepri, it’s always the start of a new day, with endless possibilities ahead of you.


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Nebu EarringsNebu Earrings
Nebu Earrings Sale price$81.00
Hennu EarringsHennu Earrings
Hennu Earrings Sale price$102.00
Nile Hoop EarringsNile Hoop Earrings
Nile Hoop Earrings Sale price$162.00
Shen EarringsShen Earrings
Shen Earrings Sale price$126.00
Scarab RingScarab Ring
Scarab Ring Sale price$93.00
Thoth Hoop EarringsThoth Hoop Earrings
Thoth Hoop Earrings Sale price$74.00
Renenet NecklaceRenenet Necklace
Renenet Necklace Sale price$91.00
Kemetra BangleKemetra Bangle
Kemetra Bangle Sale price$198.00
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Ba NecklaceBa Necklace
Ba Necklace Sale price$91.00
Scarab EarringsScarab Earrings
Scarab Earrings Sale priceFrom $105.00
Amenta EarringsAmenta Earrings
Amenta Earrings Sale price$91.00
Ankh EarringsAnkh Earrings
Ankh Earrings Sale price$124.00
Uraeus EarringsUraeus Earrings
Uraeus Earrings Sale price$90.00
Sistrum NecklaceSistrum Necklace
Sistrum Necklace Sale price$162.00
Ouroboros EarringsOuroboros Earrings
Ouroboros Earrings Sale price$118.00
Ka EarringsKa Earrings
Ka Earrings Sale price$114.00
Eye of Ra NecklaceEye of Ra Necklace
Eye of Ra Necklace Sale price$79.00
A gold plated ring. The band of the ring is detailed with a twisting braid effect. A sterling silver ring. The band of the ring is detailed to resemble a twisting braid.
Kemetra Ring Sale priceFrom $74.00